Google Photos adds new collections in Memories

Google Photos is an advanced gallery app that bundles your online and offline photos in one application. The function ‘Reminders’ has now been further expanded.

Reminders in Google Photos

Every Facebook user knows the memories, with an overview of photos and updates shared on that day in recent years. A similar function has also been found in the Google Photos application for a long time. Improvements can now be found for the feature.

With the new improvements in Google Photos reminders, you get reminders based on certain categories and collections. For example, we see ‘In the bush’ with pictures of forests and green nature. Other users report that they also get to see albums with the best of winter and ‘dance photos’. Obviously only when photos can be found in the photo app that meet the conditions for the collections.

You don’t have to do anything for the new functionality. It is made available to everyone via a server side.

Google Photos
Google Photos

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