Crazy Russians spoil the current model

It will not be long, probably already in September, that the well-known iPhone manufacturer will “delight” us with the Apple Watch 7. But there is already a new model or a new variant of the well-known Apple Watch Series 6 from Russia – but it is not beautiful.

Why should it Just a few months before the release of the Apple Watch 7, give a new Smartwatch from Apple? The solution to the riddle: the new one, respectively The tuned model of the Apple Watch Series 6 does not come directly from Apple, but once again from the notorious cell phone refiners from Russia. As early as November 2020, the company “Caviar” presented various special series of the Apple Watch 6 – some of them made of real gold. Now it’s getting even crazier.

Even before the Apple Watch 7: Two “beautiful” special models from Russia

The two new special models “Green” and “Red” they look pretty hard to get used to, casually you could call them “ugly” without further ado. The beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but that has to be very short-sighted to find the elegance that Apple is used to in the two smartwatches. Instead, there’s an extremely colorful composite case, a titanium back and an alligator leather strap. Customers have the choice between a variant with a camouflage look and one in a bright red cover (source: Caviar).

You have to like the very special versions of the Apple Watch from Russia (Image: Caviar).

So much “taste” needs to be well paid for because The fun costs at least 2,970 euros, the “Rambo version” even costs 3,110 euros. As a reminder: The most expensive Apple Watch Series 6 is currently available for 1,579 euros with a noble Armand from Hermès in Paris. To be honest, in the end it is probably the better investment, because the “improved” Smartwatch from Russia will probably be difficult to resell. But exclusive taste has always been more expensive.

These noble version in the video the developers presented to us last year:

What’s coming: New design for the Apple Watch 7

Our tip: Either way, better wait for the Apple Watch Series 7. As already mentioned, it doesn’t take long and you also get a new design – flat-edged, completely in the style of the current iPhone. From this, too, there will probably be exclusive series from Hermès again and later also dubious tuning models from Mother Russia. So why waste money on an expensive case and old technology now? Just wait.

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