Beware, Microsoft gets Windows 10 printer bug but not fixed

After two times, the printer bug for Windows 10 is now popping up again and it seems clear that Microsoft will not get the gigantic vulnerability fixed.

For the third time in over a month, it appears that the PrinterNightmare bug has still not been resolved. The Windows 10 printing system still allows attackers to run code remotely with the highest privileges. The new vulnerability is known to Microsoft, but it’s starting to get a little embarrassing. The print spooler bug continues to plague Windows 10 systems.

Windows 10 printer bug resurfaces

Microsoft gives the printer bug for Windows 10 a severity of 7.8 (high). In other words, the recurring printer vulnerability remains a threat to all systems. The problem is still in the print spooler, ArsTechnica explains. This system allows Windows 10 users to connect wirelessly to a printer. But attackers can still connect wirelessly with users.

According to the medium, there is really only one solution and that is to manually turn off the print spooler. BleepingComputer explains extensively how to do this, but that is quite technical. This is not really an option for the average user. For them it is therefore mainly important to hope that Microsoft releases an update as soon as possible.

For the time being, it appears for the third time that Windows 10 has a vulnerability in the printer system. Security researchers continue to stress that an exploit remains possible, despite multiple updates from Microsoft. It is not known how long we will have to wait for an update.

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