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Climax, test your knowledge of the 7th Art with Android


Climax is an android application that tests our cinematic knowledge, what do we know about cinema and about the secrets it encloses? We play to compare our knowledge with Climax between friends, to spend excellent moments.

 android app "width =" 400 "height =" 711 "/> <span id= Climax is not a quiz game, nor a board game, every mini game requires knowledge in the 7th Art if you want to be able to find the solution In each mini-game, special scenes are there and await our participation, for example a scene recreating the sinking of the Titanic awaits a gesture of our finger on the screen with the iceberg, the Alien Egg to flush out, to knock out the planes that chase King Kong on the roof of the Empire State Building and many other scenes from other films are waiting for us.

The peculiarity that makes the application a little more fun is that if we have not solved the riddle in the time allotted to us, then the situation takes another form, if the chrono passes the zero, the The events of the anthology scenes presented to us change. The goal is to succeed in answering all of Climax’s riddles without changing a single famous scene.

This application is not ordinary, it is fun to browse the many mini games (over 50) that are to discover and surprise us by their scenario.
Otherwise the game has a varied game play and intuitive, which one assimilates very quickly the rules.
By surplus, not of complicated effect, the graphic design is refined and minimalist so that one distinguishes very quickly the essential.
The game of the fast, the rhythm is a challenge all by itself making the challenge more challenging.

This is available on Google Play Store, it costs £ 0.99.

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