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The Best Rain Apps for Android

This week there are heavy rains and storms through the country. With apps like Buienalarm, Buienradar and others you are better prepared.


Best rain apps for Android

The weather in the Netherlands is treacherous. One day we enjoy tropical temperatures, the next day you can easily avoid the showers. Previously you hoped that weathermen such as Peter Timofeeff and Erwin Kroll saddled you with the right predictions, now you can take matters into your own hands. Previously we have already collected the best weather apps for Android for you, this time we specifically dive into the world of rain apps like Buienradar and other Buienalarm alternatives to monitor rainfall.

1. Rainfall radar

It is a simple concept, but has been extremely popular in the Netherlands for over ten years: the Buienradar. If you belong to the small group that does not yet know the site, then the name actually provides enough explanation. Buienradar shows a map of the Netherlands, including the showers that draw over our country. So you know not only where it rains, but also whether there is new rain coming.

In the Buienradar app you will find a 2-hour, 3-hour and 24-hour forecast. With a graph you also see how much rain you can expect exactly. In addition you will find separate ‘radars’ in the app for snow, thunderstorms, drizzle and even hay fever with the pollen radar.

Download Buienradar in Google Play (free)

2. Buienalarm

Buienradar was the first, but Buienalarm is the smartest. With this app you do not have to check yourself if there are any rains coming, but you will be kept informed. When you open the app for the first time, you can enter your own location or have your location automatically determined. You will then receive a notification as soon as you can expect a storm.

The app not only tells you whether it is going to rain, but also how hard. Is it drizzle that you can easily survive with an umbrella, or is the rain storm so heavy that you can stay indoors? Through the settings you can indicate whether you want to receive continuous notification, or that they can stay out in the evening or during office hours.

Download Buienalarm in Google Play (free)

3. RMI


Although Buienalarm offers support for Belgian locations, you can also opt for an app that specializes in weather with our Flemish and Walloon neighbors. The Belgian Royal Meteorological Institute fortunately offers a comprehensive app with that information.

In the RMI app you will not only find weather forecasts for the next fourteen days, but also a built-in precipitation radar. Which shows per municipality what kind of showers are expected within three hours. Whether you are in Antwerp, Vilvoorde or Ostend, you always know whether there are any further rains.

Download KMI in Google Play (free)

4. WeatherPro

Buien of course is not limited to the Benelux alone. Of course you prefer to keep it dry on vacation, but also on the Cote D’Azur a drop may fall. With WeatherPro you stay informed of showers abroad. This app allows you to look ahead to three hours in places all over the world. You can also set alerts for specific locations.

WeatherPro is free to find in the Play Store. However, there is also a paid version, which costs € 2.99 once. This gives you access to, among other things, an hourly forecast for the next two weeks, more wind information and the water temperature at various holiday locations.

Download WeatherPro Free in Google Play (free)

Download WeatherPro in Google Play (2.99 euro)

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