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An app to analyze penises


Data, personal data … Everything is analyzed and quantified today, to our most intimate characteristics. And it’s not just a formula, because, with the Penis Analyzer application, you can have access to different statistics about your sex, and that of your neighbor. The application even provides a capacity rate (?). So, true scientific interest or a simple schoolboy joke? One will try to bring an answer.

An application of playful comparison

Brought to light by the site Penis Analyzer it is a bit like the modern school cloakroom, that is to say, a means (more discreet!) for boys to compare the measurements of their sex with those of others. Taken like this, the application has a concrete interest, although limited. It is a database representative of the characteristics (shape, size) of the penis of its users. Provided, of course, that they do not add one or two centimeters, which is very likely.

A percentage of capacity that is based on nothing

But if you decide to play the game honestly, the app will then show you a diagram of your penis with interesting information. We know its length, its diameter, its angle, its curvature, its rate of growth during erection, and it is compared to other morphologies. But where the hurts, it is with the rate of final capacity, noted in percentage. Ability of what? What criteria? All this remains rather nebulous. On the other hand, a big congratulations for the nicknames found according to the characteristics of each phallus.

Penis Analyzer: an application which is diversified

And because it would be It’s a pity to focus only on the phalluses, the application, thanks to its success, now offers the possibility of comparing other parts of one’s body, whether one is a man or a woman. Vagina, chest, anus … Everything goes. You will be able to usefully lose countless hours to scrutinize and study from every angle, the users of the app.

You will understand, Penis Analyzer is far from authoritative from a point of view scientific, and this is a euphemism. If you want precise data on the subject, it would be more useful to look at this latest study on the average size of the sexes of men . A good way to shine in the evening by your culture or just to reassure you. Happy reading!

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