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Warframe – Game for PC lover

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If you’ve been bored by the giants of a somewhat bumpy MMO market, World of Warcraft is fine, but fifteen years of the same is just fifteen years, and so, you can be alert. Warframe has the potential to satisfy MMO’s thirst for a long time, just do not expect the title of a completely traditional cut.

It is a purely instantiated science fiction that combines the ruthless struggle close together using blades sharpened to the molecular thickness of a blade with the shooting of dozens of more or less megalomaniac quarks and fantastically free movement as fast as the wind. That sounds like an awful mess? On paper, perhaps, but in practice, thanks to the years of work, everything has been balanced, with stylization as a sealant, in which characters like cyber-ninja are sitting. So there is no reason to crank your head. Not time.

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The basis of playability is the title warframy, folk frames. These are robotic pseudo-combinations created for the sole purpose of fighting. A blatantly spectacular and catchy fight, to be delivered. There are over fifty players in the game, each with four unique skills, of course, synergies, which you will have to use if you want to break through hundreds of missions of different kinds that stand in your way. In any event, you can go alone and be successful if you have the game well enough, but you can also put three more people in a four-piece squadron. Warframe usually plays several hundred thousand people at the same time online, you do not have to worry that waiting for any mission if you choose a multiplayer approach takes more than a few seconds.

Over time, hundreds of weapons are available, each slightly different, and you can add modifiers to everything you have. These may increase damage, charge your electricity firing, increase scattering in exchange for ammunition, and the like. The game offers hundreds and hundreds, each has its own levels, can be improved, and so on. The possibilities of building your favorite frame with your favorite weapons are millions without exaggeration.

However, this must be the only one big warning if you are considering Warframe. Making new frames and equipment, improving them and sticking to your image is basically the only goal of the game. With a bit of skill, after a month of active play in a situation where you can easily cope with virtually any challenge what the game has at least one frame. Complete the collection, try different approaches, and simply … have fun with the endgame here. It does not have to be enough for everyone, especially the people who, for example, consider the duel with others as the final MMO gameplay. PvP you find here, but in strange form, which almost nobody is playing.

However, it must be admitted that the action itself and the tremendous, almost frightening diversity in the possibilities of how to approach it simply provide ample entertainment in itself. As has been said, Warframe is not a traditional title, which brings with it other positives. For example, he will wait for you. Nothing happens when you do not play the moon, the top of the community will not run away anywhere, you will not feel outside the mainstream. If you count among the players laden with the job and therefore the logical lack of time, it is possible to flee for a few hours in the metallic skin of your cybernind. Amongst the speeches, the local world also offers a surprisingly sophisticated storyline and some really great quests. Which, of course, is just a plus.

The game is free of charge, which means that it does not surprisingly include the premium currency. Here is platinum. For platinum, you’ll get what’s wrong, but no unfair imbalances happen. First of all, because everything can be gained through ordinary gaming, in addition to cosmetic enhancements, and the vast majority of items can be traded between players. You just have to spend the money honestly, the results of your efforts to sell on the gaming market, and you will come to hundreds of dollars worth of platinum. Warframe rewards the time spent, not the size of the wallet, and this is the solution from which the overwhelming majority of free to play titles could learn.

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