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Outward is going to laugh at games like Witch 3 and TES V: Skyrim. Maybe not in terms of size, epic or narrative, but in terms of difficulty. You do not play for THERE a hero who will save all and everything. You are a simple man in the Middle Ages, where magic also rules. Actually, such fantasy Kingdom Come …

Outward creators want to come up with a fantasy RPG in which you feel that you are just a man, not a god. You have to eat, drink, sleep, cure illness, and logically think at any moment. (19459004]


Outward also differs from the approach to magic, and in the wilderness you will throw it away, if you do not want to fall for a few meters by exhaustion. It is based on tribal “traditions” and you have to go through several ritual steps to invoke a single spell. Since you are not invincible, you have to take a lot of traps and other traps and other scrubs to help you overcome human opponents and mythical beings.

The creators of Nine Dot Studios have set up very frequent automatic storage without the possibility of manual saves. They want to make you worry about your character. When you get into a big chaos, you can only return to the freshest stored point. At Outward, you just think twice about risking your neck.

We do not know how you can, but the mechanisms pulling classic RPGs rather impress us with the raw human reality. We will not wait for them for a long time. The game was postponed but only a month and a half. The original date of February 12 is now March 26, when the game comes out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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