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Apple Watch: sales rose in the third quarter

While iPhone sales are not doing well at the moment, this does not seem to be the case for its connected watches from Apple Indeed, according to the latest report of the firm IDC the Californian giant has managed to sell 4.2 million Apple Watch during the third quarter of 2018 .This result did not allow him to obtain the first place for the category “Weareables”, but it represents everything from even a increase of 54% compared to last year .

Only 20% of sales for the Apple Watch 4

The apple firm launched its Apple Watch 4 last September. The new watch is very interesting with its revised design and enhanced features. But for the last quarter, it represents only 20% of the total sales made . And that’s quite normal since it was only marketed towards the end of this quarter. Of course, is the Apple Watch Series 3 that attracted the most buyers . The Apple has also dropped its price a few weeks before the announcement of its fourth-generation smartwatch.

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Otherwise, Xiaomi is still in first place on the podium with his 6.9 million sales . It is thus in front of Apple and compared to last year, its sales have increased by 90.9%. Fitbit occupies the third place in the ranking . The company managed to sell only 3.5 million connected bracelets while it did better in 2017. Finally, Huawei is in fourth place with 1.9 million sales ] and is followed closely by Samsung which passed 1.8 million products .What do you think of the rise in Apple Watch sales? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Apple Watch: Sales rose in the third quarter.

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