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Apple Watch: watchOS 5.1.2 blocks the electrocardiogram, except for the United States

Except for the United States, Apple has blocked the electrocardiogram of the Apple Watch Series 4 via the watchOS 5.1.2 update.

International users will not yet benefit from the electrocardiogram on their Apple Watch

The electrocardiogram is one of the novelties brought by the Apple Watch Series 4 .The function allows to record the electrical activity of the heart and of detecting abnormalities Of course, it may be useful and practical in many cases, but this function is proposed only to United States for the beginning. ] Apple has already said a few weeks ago and now that it was made available through the update watchOS 5.1.2 the firm has made the necessary to international users can not enjoy it.

watchOS 5.1.2 prevents access to the electrocardiogram on the Apple Watch

The apple firm deployed the final update of watchOS 5.1.2 yesterday, in the evening. Many users were waiting for it since it was going to activate the electrocardiogram on the new generation of Apple Watch . However, many came across a bad surprise. Admittedly, we all knew that the function will not be proposed in Europe (so in France) for this launch. But there are those who wanted to cheat and changed the region of their connected watch, hoping that the Apple would not notice anything.

Unfortunately for them, the Californian giant has planned everything in advance. The group has blocked the feature for Apple Watch Series 4 purchased in countries other than the United States. One thing that the developer Guilherme Rambo confirmed by glancing at the code of watchOS 5.1.2 . From now on, all that remains is waiting for Apple to offer the electrocardiogram internationally. The good news is that the company’s managers are already negotiating with the health regulators at Canada and Europe . We hope for a launch soon Apple Watch: watchOS 5.1.2 blocks the electrocardiogram, except for the United State

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