Apple really wants you to buy an iPhone of last generation. The brand has sent a notification to some of its customers, to introduce the iPhone XS and iPhone XR and (especially) invite them to buy a model.

“Your new iPhone is ready. Choose the iPhone XR or iPhone XS and accelerate your upgrade today with the iPhone Upgrade Program “reads the notification sent by the Apple application Store. As a reminder, the iPhone Upgrade Program allows you to have an unlocked iPhone every year (covered by AppleCare + insurance) by paying a certain amount each month to Apple. This program is available in a handful of countries (United States, United Kingdom, China).

This notification appears to be part of the recent reshuffle within Apple’s marketing teams . In recent weeks, Apple is calling on several employees to find new ideas and highlight the new iPhone. Rumors suggest disappointing sales, hence the interest of Apple to praise many of its smartphones to the public.

The latest example to date took place tonight. The home page of the Apple site (in the US only) has been changed to only display the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR. Apple displays “iPhone XR starting at $ 449” and “iPhone XS starting at $ 699” with an asterisk next to it. This one indicates that the displayed prices can be obtained if one gives an old iPhone to Apple in exchange.