The HomePod will make its debut in Asia. Apple today announced that its connected enclosure will be commercialized in China and in Hong Kong in early 2019. A more precise date is not given at this time.

In China, the HomePod will be marketed for 2,799 yuan, or 360 euros after conversion. It’s very close to the European price, which is 349 euros. For Hong Kong, the Apple site displays the price of 2799 dollars Hong Kong, which is 316 euros after conversion. Hong Kong residents will have a cheaper price.

The launch of the HomePod in China is important because it makes Apple the first major US manufacturer of connected speakers to get started. Google and Amazon do not sell their connected speakers (Google Home and Amazon Echo) in China to date. This market in China is dominated by local players, including Xiaomi and Alibaba.

The HomePod is currently available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Spain , Mexico and Canada. Apple offers a sidereal gray model and a white model. These two colors will be naturally available in China, once the HomePod will be commercialized at the beginning of 2019. We can add that the update 12.1.1 HomePod, proposed early evening adds precisely the support for China and Hong Kong.