Yellow vests: the Apple Store in Bordeaux was robbed by the thugs

This Saturday, December 8 was marked by Act 4 of the movement “Yellow Vests”. Just like last week, cars and garbage cans were burned, just as shops were looted by thugs. The Apple Store St. Catherine, namely the Apple store in Bordeaux, was affected.

#bordeaux the apple store will pass pic.twitter .com / izc4WEotQu

– Master Rooster (@GentilTonne) December 8, 2018
As can be seen with several videos posted by people nearby, the thugs attacked one of the windows of the Apple Store. We can say that the task was not easy, given the time they took to finally get there. Once the window broke, a group of rogues (some of them open) entered the Apple Store and pulled everything off the presentation tables. iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch … everything went. The Apple Store has been completely robbed.

It’s hot at the Apple Store in Bordeaux St. Catherine #Apple #Bordeaux #Yellowjackets #crackers

– A $ AP (@MVillepontoux) December 8, 2018
it is hot the apple of st catherine the #apple #bordeaux


– cam ♡ (@ cam54022892) December 8, 2018
Apple Store from Bordeaux 😕

– XVAdib (@AdibTahiri) December 8, 2018
The thugs, who take advantage of the movement of the yellow vests to loot the shops, are going to be in any case disappointed at moment to light the stolen products. Indeed, Apple is responsible for blocking them remotely if they left one of its shops without authorization. The breakers will end up with bricks in a certain way. We imagine that the cleverest (or least stupid, to choose) will resell the products on Le Bon Coin or eBay and will not tell the buyer that they are unusable.

Reminder, the three Parisian Apple Stores were closed yesterday . Apple’s other stores in France remained open however. The manufacturer has not yet communicated anything about that of Bordeaux and what will happen.

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