5x for on the go: the best portable game consoles

Nintendo Switch

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The new model of the Nintendo Switch in the colors red and blue: this way you have the same gaming experience in the car as at home. And you can continue for a while, because the battery lasts extra long (4.5 to 9 hours).

– With left and right Joy-Con controllers
– Includes Joy-Con Grip and wristbands
– With extensive HOME menu

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Game & Watch Console Super Mario Bros

From the old box, but with a new look. In addition to the classic Super Mario, you can also play The Lost Levels and a special version of Ball on this handheld game console.

– Gold in color
– Released last year
Includes a clock with 35 secrets to discover

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Nintendo Switch Lite

No matter how long the ride takes, your child will spend hours playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on Nintendo Switch Lite. And the name says it all: the game console is nice and light and therefore perfect for on the go.

– The battery lasts an hour longer than the normal Nintendo Switch
– Comes with a nice protective cover
– Also available in blue, pink or yellow

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Silvergear Mini Retro Arcade

Where you used to be on the Gameboy, your child can now do that too. With this Silvergear Mini Retro Arcade, he plays more than two hundred retro games (and you sneak a peek with him).

– Easy to carry
– Compact and nice and light

– Also available in red or yellow

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Wonky Toys

Are you looking for a handy game console for on the go for a small price? Then you are in the right place with these Wonky Toys: it looks like one of the first game consoles ever, but is full of today’s games.

– With bright and colorful screen
– Operates on three AAA batteries
– Includes 150 games

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