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all new iPhone functions together

Apple has released a new iOS version. Are you curious about all the new features in iOS 16.3? We put them together for you.

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iOS 16.3 release

Apple has released yet another iOS version! In iOS 16.3, a number of problems have been solved and Apple brings a number of cool new functions to your iPhone. What new features are introduced in iOS 16.3? iPhoned put them together for you.

1. Add security keys

Starting with iOS 16.3, it’s possible to add physical security keys to your Apple ID. This allows you to secure your Apple ID even better. The security keys are intended to replace the codes that Apple now sends to your other Apple devices when you want to sign in to your Apple ID. The security keys serve as two-step verification.

2. iCloud even more secure

iCloud already used end-to-end encryption with a number of services, such as storing passwords in iCloud. Now this protection is extended to more data.

iCloud end to end

By activating the ‘Advanced data protection’ option, services such as iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos and backups are also protected with end-to-end encryption. Not even Apple can access your data.

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3. New Unity wallpaper

Apple added a new wallpaper in iOS 16.3 to celebrate Black History Month. This will not be celebrated until next month, but Apple is already releasing the new cool wallpaper. The wallpaper is available for both your Apple Watch and your iPhone and Mac.

black history month iOS 16.3

4. Support for the new HomePod

After the release of the new generation of HomePod, Apple has paid attention to the new (and old) speakers in iOS 16.3. The new iOS version supports the HomePod 2023, so you can also listen to your favorite songs with the new speaker.

Another cool feature: with iOS 16.3 it is possible to measure the temperature and humidity in a room with the HomePod mini. This feature was already built into the tiny speaker, but will be activated with the new HomePod and iOS updates. The small smart speaker is now even smarter!

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homepod mini temperature check

5. SOS emergency notification has changed

In iOS 16.3, the SOS emergency notification has changed slightly. Where you first had to hold down the button to call the emergency services, that is something else now. The function is now called ‘Call by pressing and holding and releasing’, so that you only contact the emergency services once you have released the button. This way you are less likely to accidentally call the emergency services.

sos emergency notification

6. Fixed iPhone 14 display and Home app issue

Apple has fixed two major issues in iOS 16.3. Many iPhone 14 users have been complaining about horizontal stripes on the screen for the past few weeks. This turned out to be a software issue that has now been fixed in iOS 16.3.

In addition, the Housing app can be updated again. The app received a major update a few weeks ago, but then no longer worked with HomeKit devices with ‘outdated’ software. Apple took the update offline, but is now re-releasing the update. The new update solves the old problems and old HomeKit devices work properly again.

Fixed other minor issues in iOS 16.3

iOS 16.3 is all about troubleshooting, as there are a number of small points that have been improved in addition to the two major problems we described above. Apple has used iOS 16.3 so mainly to perfect iOS 16. The issues fixed in iOS 16.3:

  • Problems drawing in Freeform;
  • Problems with a black wallpaper on the lock screen;
  • Problems with the Home widget on the home screen;
  • Problems with Siri when music is started;
  • Problems with Siri in CarPlay.

Download iOS 16.3? That’s how you do that

Haven’t downloaded the new iOS 16.3 yet? The update is now out for all devices and easy to download in the Settings app. We previously explained how to download the new iOS version, so that you finally get rid of all iOS 16 problems!

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