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Zodiac sign Scorpio: this says that about your child


If your child has set his mind on something, it will happen. That determination runs deep and is beautiful, but it can also cause him to be a bit cynical and suspicious.

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Problem solver

A Scorpio absolutely wants to know how things work. He gets to the bottom of things and if something isn’t right, he wants to find a way to fix it.

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A white lie aside, but your child thinks it’s important to be honest. He is reasonable, kind, and committed when it comes to his relationships with family and friends. By the way, they would do well to keep him as a friend – because if they drop him, he will never come back.

Hard worker

Your child will likely look for a job that provides a lot of variety. That is important to him, as is that career and private life remain strictly separate.

Scorpios are hard workers and don’t give up. A profession that would suit him well is that of scientist, researcher or business manager.

Source: Astro Art & Paravisie

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