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‘Raise? Didn’t see me, I’m allergic to rules’

“The boys have to take a shower before going to bed, but otherwise there are no rules. My living room is one big monkey cage: there is no dining table or sofa, but there are swings, pillows and rugs lie on the floor and the cupboard is to jump off. My sons get to play around and act crazy. Also because they no longer have contact with their father, I think it is important that they are not raised too soft.

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Allergic to rules

I am allergic to rules. I don’t have fixed bed times and Bas and Luuk decide for themselves what to wear. That means they go to school almost every day in a tracksuit, but sometimes in pirate clothes or in the middle of winter on Crocs. They also determine what they eat and when. Of course I want them to get vitamins. There is always fruit on the fruit bowl, but if they want curry sauce over their broccoli or cauliflower, that’s fine. I also don’t mind peanut butter sandwiches and sprinkles that they eat hanging on the swing in front of the TV.

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Other side

The boys go to a free school, where they can develop and develop. I think children instinctively make the right choices. I myself come from a strictly Reformed family. I already fled home at the age of fifteen and indulged myself with drugs and alcohol. I want to prevent that for my sons by going completely the other way with my upbringing. When they are about fifteen, I would rather they have their first beer or smoke at home than somewhere in a barn or secretly with a friend.

The boys are thriving. They are nice guys who know how to keep size and grow up healthy. Precisely because there is never a fight when going to bed, it is not an issue. Usually they are already in it for eight. Tired of all playing. ”

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