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iOS 15 full of bugs – Apparata


Well great. If you take a photo, the system will not save it. And that’s not the only problem, apparently iOS 15 has a lot of bugs!

Just switched to the latest version of iOS, you find out that there are still some bugs in it. By the way, not many people do that. It turns out that the adoption rate is low and many people are waiting to upgrade. And there are probably several reasons for that. Including Apple offering iOS 14 users the ability to continue to receive important security updates. In addition, several iOS 15 features are delayed and iOS 15 has a handful of early bugs that have yet to be fixed.

iOS 15 errors

The tech company just said the issue affecting some iPhone 13 users where the Unlock with Apple Watch feature doesn’t work will be resolved in an upcoming software update. The feature is designed to allow you to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask, but some users have encountered the “Unable to communicate with Apple Watch” error. This is necessary to use this function.

Apple is currently testing iOS 15.1 in beta, which contains at least a fix for the Unlock with Apple Watch bug, but there is no timetable for the release of the software update. It is entirely possible that Apple chooses to release a smaller update such as iOS 15.0.1 to more quickly fix some of the bugs and security vulnerabilities that have surfaced.

Photos are not saved

Even more annoying, there is an iOS15 bug where you can lose photos. In the Messages app, it may cause some saved photos to be deleted. This according to multiple complaints we’ve heard from MacRumors readers and Twitter users.

If you save a photo from a Messages thread and then delete that thread, the photo will disappear the next time an iCloud backup is performed. Do you also experience this problem? There is a solution for this.

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