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CD Project Repents, Vin Diesel produced by Ark, new game by Amanity and ray tracing on SNES »Vortex

If we are still at work on December 24, please write to Santa, for us, so that he can look for us at the editorial office. So far, it seems that the season does not and will not end, because the developers have forgotten that they should slowly calm down. And until they calm down, we can’t relax either. And so are you. Yes, today the range got a little out of hand again…

List of topics

01:04 – Cyberpunk Authors: We underestimated the scale of the problems on the consoles. CD Project on money back, certification on consoles, testing, loss of trust and presentation on a PC

15:04 – Snippets from Cyberpunk: dildos, cheats, new board game, fixes of PC version from fans and warning database OpenCritic

24:36 – Sony and Microsoft reject some Cyberpunk claims. Not all refund requests are granted. Players are said to have to wait for the next patches

32:33 – Vin Diesel is the executive producer of Ark II. In the first part, he allegedly recorded over 1000 hours and has factual comments and new ideas

37:06 – Authors Machinaria and Chuchla introduced a new game. Czech Amanita announced the horror Happy Game for PC, Mac and Switch. It is made by Jaromír Plachý

39:53 – Diablo IV significantly adjusts the processing and effects of weapons. A less rare loot will also be important. The gradual development of the character will also be reworked

45:45 – Survival horror Paranoid imprisons us in his own apartment. The authors of Agona take the player to the eighties. The main character suffers from mental problems

49:55 – Timetable: Premiere of Mortal Kombat, Kojima Productions birthday, EA Play in Game Pass on PC later, Devotion (not) coming back, Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online, action stars in World of Tanks and beta Outrisers

1:02:30 – Sci-fi mix strategy and Carrier Command simulation returns. The Bohemia Interactive studio is no longer working on the regular second part. It will be released by MicroProse

1:06:21 – Fortnite offers performance mode for slow PCs. The popular feature of consoles penetrates the world of computers. The size of the installation is also reduced

1:11:52 – Look at ray tracing on the SNES console. A skilled engineer put modern technology into operation on a 30-year-old Nintendo system

1:15:49 – Crimson Skies can be played on Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series at the same time. Direct link compatibility in multiplayer is better than players thought

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