Xiaomi has suspended the Android 11 update to Mi A3

Xiaomi a few hours ago has suspended Android 11 update to Mi A3. After the company had a problem getting Android 10 into the phone, the same fairy tale takes place with the latest Android 11. And logically, the Chinese giant began to act.

Xiaomi has suspended the Android 11 update to Mi A3

Apart from the fact that the update is now suspended, we have also experienced it official statement companies in the forum Mi. It states that the Chinese giant is aware of the errors and therefore decided to suspend the update. Those who encounter the problem of when their device is unusable should visit any service center where the repair will be provided free of charge, whether under warranty or not. The company apologized for the complications and thanked them for their support.

However, many people live in countries where there is no official service, so the solution will be a bit more complicated there. At this time, it is not at all clear when the users of the latest system will see. However, it must be taken into account that this may take time calmly a few months.

What do you say to this situation?

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