Assassins’s Creed Valhalla: Ymir’s tearstones – All 30 locations

Ymir’s tearstones are hidden in Asgard. You can find a total of 30 pieces. We have compiled all the locations for you and explain to you what purpose the tearstones serve.

Where can I find Ymir’s tearstones?

You can only find Ymir’s tearstones in Asgard. In this guide we explain how you get to the realm of the gods. In Asgard there are no conventional treasures such as armor, copper or weapons, instead it is hidden behind each yellow marker on the map a tear stone.

What do I use Ymir’s tear stone for?

As soon as you all 30 Ymirs tearstones have collected, you have to Ymir’s altar bring. We have marked the location for you on the map.

For the Delivery of all 30 tear stones you will with 5 skill points rewarded. We’ll tell you how to best invest this in our guide on everything to do with the talent tree.

The locations of all 30 Ymirs tearstones can be found on the following pages.

Location: Climb to the back of the island until you reach the cave with the wooden scaffolding. Don’t jump down, but pick up the oil drum, use it to climb the destroyed bridge and throw it on the destructible ground.

Location: Run along the coast in the north of the island until you discover the box in a small warehouse right on the water.

Location: Access to the box is blocked and must be blown free. You can find the right oil barrel on a cliff to the southwest. Use it to climb over the ropes and finally to the blocked access.

Location: Destroy the wooden window at the back of the house with your bow. This is how you can reach the box inside.

Location: Climb the big tree on the bank of the stream, balance over the branch and hop from there onto the platform. From there you can use the rope to reach the next platform with the box.

Location: The box is on the top of the tower. When climbing, make sure that you cannot hold onto the icy walls. Therefore only climb on the open areas.

Location: The box is in the middle of a group of enemies that you first have to defeat in order to collect Ymir’s tear stone undisturbed.

Location: East of Ymirs Tränenstein 7/30 is an icy gate that you can open with one blow of your weapon. Run in and squeeze your right through the narrow crack in the rock. In the back corner of the cave you can shoot the arrow through a grate and destroy an oil barrel. Go back to the cave entrance, follow the now free path and crawl through the opening on the right to reach the box.

Location: After you have collected Ymir’s tear stone 8/30, you pick up the oil barrel, crawl through the entrance again and throw it on the opposite wall. This is how you get to the next box.

Location: Swim to the island and loot the box in the middle of the broken ship.

Location: Enter the source of the Urd. Jump into the water and dive through the underground tunnel to reach the box.

Location: Run deeper into the source of the Urd. The next box is on a high ledge inside the spring. Climb up the rock face to reach it.

Location: Jump down from the fast travel point into the pool. Swim from there into the cave. Interacts with the devices and directs the beam towards the bowl next to the metal grille. Then you can dive to the box.

Location: Fight the subtle in the area with the destroyed pillars. Then you can squeeze your way through the crevice into the red-hot room and loot the box there.

Location: Climb onto the fabric roof and squeeze through the crevice. There you have to push the obstacles aside to expose the chest in the far left corner.

Location: Climb up and look for the indentation that is blocked by some wooden boards. Destroy them with one blow of your weapon and let yourself fall down to the box.

Location: Climb up the rock face. Right behind the hanging platform is a cave where you can find the box.

Location: Climb onto the roof. From there you can shoot the entrance through a narrow grille with an arrow. Then run down the stairs and enter the room with the box.

Location: Swim to the marked point and dive down. The box lies on the bottom of the sea.

Location: For the next box you have to complete a world event. Follow the deer and fend off any attackers. At the end you will receive one of Ymir’s tearstones as a reward.

Location: Run down to Ivaldi’s forge. There shoot at the hanging ladder above the statue and climb up to the chest.

Location: Run past Ivaldi, climb a step and enter his study through the crevice. There you will find the chest with Ymir’s tear stone.

Location: Jump into the stream and dive through the underground entrance to reach the box.

Location: On the opposite side of the pond is a small boat full of oil drums. Carry one of these to the locked entrance by balancing over the tree trunks and pillars. As soon as the entrance is blown, you can open the box.

Location: The box is in a small cave. Beware of the poisonous gas!

Location: A rope is stretched over the large table in the middle of the square. Climb up and follow the rope halfway. There you have to jump off and switch to the other, taut line. You can follow this up to the box.

Location: Climb the wooden scaffolding on the coast to reach the box.

Location: In the north of the island you can dive through an underground entrance. Destroy the wooden wall underwater with a melee attack. Correctly aligns the beam with the help of the devices to remove the energy walls. An enemy is waiting behind one of the two wooden walls, and behind the other is the box with Ymir’s tearstone.

Location: In the south of the island you will find a cave entrance. Enter the cave and follow the passage until you have reached the box.

Location: This tear stone can only be reached once you have completed the Asgard story and defeated Fenrir. Enter the cave at the other end of the boss fight arena. Pull the stone towards you to continue on your way. Climb through the right crevice to find the box.

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