Mac M1: almost 1% market share today and 7% this summer

TrendForce firm reveals that Macs with the M1 chip today have a 0.8% market share for laptops. The share should climb to 7% this summer with the arrival of new models.

Rumors evoke the arrival of MacBook Pro of 14.1 and 16.1 inches for the current of 2021. They will abandon Intel processors to switch to Apple Silicon. They should also offer a Mini-LED display. These are the models that will help Apple to have a 7% market share.

Besides Mac M1s, TrendForce notes that Apple and AMD are seriously starting to hurt Intel. The group that was the king of processors is not so much nowadays. Apple and AMD hit hard, both in terms of performance and in terms of chip burning. Intel is struggling and needs to wake up quickly to avoid collapsing.

Tests showed that the M1 Macs performed better than the high-end 16-inch MacBook Pros with Intel processors. Suffice to say it’s annoying for Intel. Conversely, this is good news for consumers who can have good performance for less.

According to Apple, the transition from Intel processors to Apple Silicon will take two years. The Mac M1 saw the light of day this fall.

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