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We bring you the second part of our overview of the most anticipated games of 2022. We continue with titles that have a specific release date, and it must be admitted that there are not many of them by the end of the year. If we are still to move in the rank of the most expected pieces, it is the next seven. In the next parts, we will focus on games for which we know at least an approximate release date, and there will be quite a few for a change due to the uncertainty of today.

Gran Turismo 7, March 4

The virtual racers are looking forward to the Gran Turismo 7 on PS4 and PS5 on March 4. The Japanese studio Polyphony Digital promises to return to the more traditional concept after GT Sport, but at the same time will take advantage of some innovations from the previous game. The developers are attracted to the dynamic time and weather, and especially on the PS5, the game boasts a number of technical conveniences. Fast recording is a matter of course, we look forward to ray tracing, 3D audio, support for adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. After long hints, the new episode was officially announced in June 2020 and was originally scheduled to be released last year. With the next-gen Forza out there on the Xbox, everyone is, of course, curious about how Sony’s competition will fare with its first party racing gem.

Source: Sony

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, March 25

The end of March will be in the spirit of madness. Gearbox developers will release a spin-off of their highly successful Borderlands event, which, thanks to the main architect of all the merriment, bears the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands label. A wild adventure full of magic and firearms awaits the player, which Tiny Tina will control from the position of the cave lady. Everything should be in the spirit of Dungeons & Dragons, but not in the sense of the rules, but the overall mood of table games of this type. It is precisely those rules that will seldom apply here, due to the unpredictability of the game director, and the only certainty will be the expected frenetic action. It will be possible to go through the game solo in cooperation for four players and eliminate the main opponent in the form of a dragon lord together. As in Borderlands, it will be important to choose your hero’s class and gradually improve his or her abilities. Even you should speak in a significant way to the gameplay, which should be everything but dull. As long as the Wonderlands match the taste of the players, we will have to wait a while longer, but due to the success of the Borderlands and the temporary absence of another part, we are seeing a great deal of increased interest.

Zdroj: Gearbox

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl, 28. dubna

The Ukrainian studio GSC Game World has risen to ashes and will release STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl for PC and Xbox Series on April 28. The brand arrives on the console for the first time and at least for now it is Microsoft’s exclusivity. The game was originally announced in 2010, then canceled and returned to the scene in 2018. The authors switched to Unreal Engine 5 technology and promise a thrilling return to the Chernobyl zone. We will encounter dangerous mutants, deadly anomalies and rival factions. The open world will have an area of ​​64 km², the authors attract to different environments and a branching story. We will have more than 30 weapons and a lot of modifications. Enemies should behave differently, we will delight the eye with modern graphics, we will enjoy survival mechanisms and simulation involving alternating time of day and changing weather. In addition to mod support, the authors promise an additional free multiplayer mode.

Zdroj: GSC Game World

Forspoken, May 24

We still don’t know exactly what Luminous Productions will have to do at the end of May. Sure, we’ve seen a lot of shots of the beautiful-looking game running on the studio’s own engine, but we’re waiting with undisguised curiosity for exactly what the main heroine Frey will bring to the magical world of Athia. And the important thing, of course, will be what awaits her and how she will face the challenge. Information about the tyrannical government of the Tant family, a talking bracelet that gives the wearer the opportunity to move very quickly and an interesting cast, promises a lot, but not everyone is convinced that they should look forward to the play. We firmly hope that the technical side does not overshadow the gameplay or originality of ideas and allows the game to captivate with the story or the indicated magic fights. But Square Enix obviously has it all in his hands, and although Forspoken didn’t end up with a Final Fantasy spin-off or a big sequel, the people at Luminous Productions certainly don’t lack ambition. We also remind you that the game next to the PC will only be released on PlayStation 5, where it will have a two-year exclusivity. Following the example of the aforementioned Final Fantasy, or its last parts, however, there should be nothing to stop her from looking at competing systems after the deadline.

Zdroj: Square Enix

Saints Row, 23. srpna

The open world event Saints Row from the studio Volition and Deep Silver was originally scheduled to be released in February, but was postponed to August 23. The reboot of the popular series has faced relatively loud criticism since its announcement at Gamescom, even by more skeptical rock fans who don’t like the new styling. However, according to their authors, the authors do not plan to change anything. The game for the PC and new and older consoles attracts the American Southwest and three enemy gangs that need to be defeated. We will put together our own group of renegades and try to gradually master the whole local map. The authors entice fans to better control and action, and we will also be able to start the game in cooperation for two players.

Zdroj: Deep Silver

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, September 22

We have been waiting for the continuation of the Test Drive Unlimited racing series since 2011 and it seems that after eleven years, the racing players will finally see it. Solar Crown, as the subtitle of the third part reads, will take us to Hong Kong, which is to be processed in a 1: 1 scale, as was the case with Oahu or Ibiza. Developers from Kylotonn, who have been responsible for the WRC series and the Motorcycle Tourist Trophy for many years, are working on the development of the game. So they certainly do not lack experience and, as in the case of previous titles, we are very curious here how to deal with the challenge. After all, in terms of the physical model, they will be based on the WRC, so perhaps it should not be a problem to make full use of the system and give players exactly the gameplay they expect from Test Drive Unlimited. In addition to races and cars from brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti and Dodge, casinos will also be an integral part of the overall experience, where it should not only be possible to earn money but also to acquire luxury cars. Or to lose them naturally if gambling does not move in the desired direction. We will see at the end of September on all relevant platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, how many additional side activities the developers will add to the game and how closely they will follow the link to the previous two episodes worked on by the Eden Games developers.

Source: Nacon

Starfield, November 11

Bethesda’s Starfield sci-fi will arrive on the PC and Xbox Series on November 11 and will be the company’s first new brand in more than 25 years. Given how expected the title is, we don’t really know much about it. We will become a space explorer and of course we can look forward to Bethesda-style gameplay. On the other hand, the team promises a new generation engine and a whole new universe. Bethesda has been striving for her science fiction game for many years, and although we set out into the future hundreds of years ago, her style is to be rooted in reality and reflect the aesthetics we associate with NASA expeditions. The title was announced at E3 in 2018, which turned out to be a bit premature due to the later long silence.

Zdroj: Bethesda

We have the second part of our traditional series behind us and at the end we attach the same challenge as last time – write in the comments which other games you are looking forward to from March to the end of the year. There would be several more aspirants, we considered, for example, Elex II, Babylon’s Fall or Steelrising, for example, but in the end we decided that they were probably not among the absolute most expected. On the other hand, their quality does not detract from it, just as the presence in our rankings does not guarantee that it will be a flawless matter.

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