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Wearable: Garmin Fitness Watch to Support Mercedes Driver

Garmin and Daimler announced a partnership at the CES 2019 electronics show: in the future, users of Garmin’s fitness watch Vivoactive 3 will be able to connect the watch to their Mercedes vehicle.


  1. Bosch Group, Berlin
  2. OKI EUROPE LIMITED, Branch Office Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf

Based on the pulse rate measured with the watch, the stress level of the driver should then be determined and monitored while driving. If there are indications that the driver is under stress, the vehicle should be countered with measures.

The Energizing functions of the Mercedes vehicle should be used for this purpose. Possible measures to reduce stress, for example, be soothing music, an adjustment of the air conditioning or the use of massage elements in the seat of the car. In addition, users can potentially select less strenuous routes in the navigation system of the Mercedes.

Mercedes special edition of the Smartwatch planned

For Mercedes-Benz drivers, there will also be a special edition of Vivoactive 3 from March 2019. However, this apparently does not differ technically from the conventional version of the clock. Garmin introduced Vivoactive 3 in 2017, and the test revealed some problems. Among other things, our smartphone was frequently not found, also the touch screen annoyed us.

Garmin states in his press release that the measures reduce stress and fatigue. However, if a driver is really tired, the features may not provide any real relief – it just helps to stop the car and sleep for a while.

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