Blood (Remaster) – Shooter Game

Undefeated gunman Caleb on revenge for Chernoboh returns to revenge him again. The Blood Horror Shooter Remaster, which was attended by Studio Monolith in 1997, will be taken care of by Nightdive Studios. In the past, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil has been edited for modern systems, currently, besides Blood, they are also working on the long awaited remake of System Shock

On order, till 10 days, Actually, it needs only minimal adjustments for the current audience, “says producer Daniel Grayshon. Engine Kex, through which Nightdive brings old games back to life, allows Blood to exploit the graphics capabilities of DirectX or Vulkan.

Remaster also enhances graphics and sound, adding support for Steamworks platforms. Nightdive has not yet revealed when we will wait for the old Blood to release just a few pictures so you can imagine what it looks like. More information plans to launch in the coming weeks.

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