update to Android 11 reaches Europe

There is good news to report for the owners of the Oppo A91. The company’s smartphone will be updated with an update to Android 11.

Oppo A91 gets Android 11

Oppo has started releasing an update for the Oppo A91 in Europe. The smartphone will now be updated with its second Android update. After the update to Android 10 was rolled out for the device in September last year, it is now the turn of Android 11.

Ro11 informs DroidApp that he has downloaded the update on his smartphone. It seems that it is Germany’s turn before the Netherlands; he downloaded the update by connecting to a german VPN. It suggests that a broad roll-out to the Netherlands is not long in coming.

Along with Android 11, Oppo has also equipped the Oppo A91 with ColorOS 11. This includes even more improvements in the interface and user experience. There is also the new Oppo Relax 2.0 app. This one lets you relax using different sounds.

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