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These are the best tips for the life of your smartphone battery

The capacity of a battery in a smartphone is an important point for many people when buying a new phone. We use our smartphone a lot these days, but it also requires energy. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to last the longest with a battery and how to maintain the longest life. Because is charging at night bad? Or is this a myth?

Tips for a longer battery life

With all the possibilities that the smartphone has to offer today, a large battery is increasingly necessary. There are plenty of gimmicks for increasing stamina, but what are important points to keep in mind in the long run?

DroidApp lists the best tips for the best lifespan of a smartphone battery. We also list some facts and myths.

Charging myths all around

Over the years, several stories have appeared claiming that the life of a battery in a smartphone could be improved. These stories are now quite outdated. These are the four most famous myths.

1. Completely discharged

Nowadays most phones have Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries can deliver a lot of power while the size can be kept compact, ideal for the ever flattering smartphones. For a long time it was said of these batteries that it was very bad for your battery to charge it when the battery was not completely empty. The advice was to let your phone drain completely before charging it again.

Nowadays the batteries in smartphones have become smarter and can handle this perfectly. So it is no longer harmful to charge your phone when it is not empty yet, despite all the stories that go around. Nowadays it is usually bad for the battery to completely drain it. The same applies to the myth that with a new smartphone you must first fully charge the battery.

Charging smartphone

2. ‘s Charge Night

Another myth that has been widely heard is that leaving your phone on the charger all night is bad for your battery. Because your phone is then on the charger for hours while the battery percentage is already at 100%, your battery could deliver less power in the long run. Here too, this will no longer really be the case today. The current smartphones and batteries are smart enough to deal with this and your battery does not become weaker in practice.

When your phone is fully charged at night, the device switches off the power to the charging circuit. This will cause your phone to slowly drain again to a certain point at which the phone gives a signal that more power can be added to the battery.

A number of manufacturers use their own method to make charging as efficient as possible. Various manufacturers such as OnePlus and Sony charge the battery up to 80-90 percent and then add the last percent to the battery at the last minute. Sony claims that the battery life will last twice as long in this way and that the cells show less wear. It is recommended that you do not place the device under your pillow or cover it in any other way. Incidentally, this is never advisable.

HTC U11 multitasking

3. Apps in the background

Many people think that closing apps on your smartphone can give your battery a longer life. Many task killers can be downloaded from the Play Store, which would reduce the number of apps running in the background. Also, closing apps via the multitask screen in Android does not have the effect that many people think.

Ultimately, many apps continue to run in the background because the apps are programmed in this way. Many apps search in the background for information that the user sees through notifications. Within Android you can adjust these settings under Settings> Connections> Data usage. Restarting an application can also require more energy than keeping the app running in the background.

4. Turning off functions

Switching off NFC, Bluetooth or other functions of your smartphone will improve battery performance at least. A few years ago, a battery did indeed last considerably longer when Bluetooth was turned off, but here too this has much less effect today.

Battery tips Android

What does work then?

The four above-mentioned methods have little or no effect on extending the battery life of your smartphone. But how do you ensure that your battery lasts longer?


In your phone you can see which functions consume the most energy. Probably the large consumer within your phone is your screen. The screens of current smartphones are getting bigger, which also increases energy consumption. A tip for this is to dim the brightness of your screen a bit. You probably won’t notice the difference after a few days and it can save you a lot of power.

Also, make sure you don’t expose your phone to too much heat. During the summer, your smartphone can easily overheat, which is very bad for the battery. For tips on how to use your smartphone during the summer, also read the DroidApp article, which gives you the best tips to get your phone through the summer safely.

save battery

Not in use

Are you not using your smartphone for a longer period of time and can you remove the battery from the device? Be sure to do that. By not leaving the battery in the device, they will not lose any charge. Incidentally, all types of batteries have this, whether they are in a flashlight, remote control or smartphone.

Do not worry too much about your phone’s battery. You should especially not adjust your daily schedule when charging your phone. Many people nowadays switch phones after two years, so that the wear of the battery has much less impact on the use of your phone. Ultimately, the best rule of thumb to stick to is: connect your phone to the charger when your phone needs it and remove your smartphone from the charger when you need your smartphone.

This article was written by Stef
First published: July 2017. Updated November 2020

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