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Android 11 rollout with OxygenOS 11 started [UPDATE]

OnePlus is there when it comes to rolling out the Android 11 update. The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro can now expect the update to Android 11 with OxygenOS 11. However, there are a number of things you should know about this.

Android 11 and OxygenOS for OnePlus 8 (Pro)

Update November 21: scroll down for all information. The security update that is included is the October 2020 security update. The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro were last updated with the August patch.

OnePlus has started rolling out the update to Android 11, along with OxygenOS 11 for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. OnePlus is the first manufacturer to update a device to the new Android version. The OnePlus 8 series is the high-end series from the manufacturer this year and was released with Android 10 with OxygenOS 10. The new version brings a lot of improvements.

OxygenOS 11

OnePlus has provided OxygenOS 11 with a lot of improvements in terms of the interface. This is more streamlined and has various optimizations in the design with some changes here and there. OxygenOS 11 also has a new weather app and offers an improved Game Space for gamers.

An important improvement is Ambient Display, which now also offers the function of Always On Display. You can choose from numerous themes, including a theme that shows your smartphone use through Digital Wellbeing. There are also 10 new clock styles to use and you can directly set the dark theme for the phone via the quick settings menu. For this you no longer have to enter the entire menu with settings.

OxygenOS 11


The rollout of the update is slow. Roan informs DroidApp that he has been offered the update via the Oxygen Updater. In addition, OnePlus would also gradually provide the smartphone with the new version via the regular route. This is not without a struggle. Research shows that various users are already experiencing some problems, for example, the messaging app would shut itself down continuously.

Via the Oxygen Updater app you can therefore manually download the update for your OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. So be aware that there are already several users who are experiencing problems with the update. We therefore expect OnePlus to stop the rollout of the update and fix the bugs first, perhaps more will be found. If you really can’t wait, you can get started with this update via the mentioned app.

Update 11-10-2020: Roan reports that clearing the app data / cache of the messaging app will fix the crashing messaging app.

The changelog of the update can be found below;

  • System
    • Fresh new UI visual design brings you a more comfortable experience with various optimizations of details.
    • Brand-new weather UI supports dynamic switches between sunrise and sunset. You can have day and night at your hand now.
    • Optimized stability on some third-party applications and improved user experience.
  • Game Space
    • Newly added gaming tools box for convenient switches of Fnatic mode. You can now choose three ways of notifications: text-only, heads up and block, just for your immersive gaming experience.
    • Newly added quick reply feature in a small window for Instagram and WhatsApp. (Enable it by swiping down from upper right / left corners of the screen in gaming mode)
    • Newly added mis-touch prevention feature. Enable it, swipe down from the top of the screen, click and the notification bar will pop out.
  • Ambient Display
    • Added Always-on Ambient Display function, custom Schedule / All day option included. (To set: Settings> Display> Ambient Display)
    • Newly added Insight clock style, a joint creation with Parsons School of Design. It will change according to the phone usage data. (To set: Settings> Customization> Clock Style)
    • Newly added 10 new clock styles. (To set: Settings> Customization> Clock Style)
  • Dark Mode
    • Added the shortcut key for Dark Mode, pull down the quick setting to enable.
    • Supporting automatically turn on feature & customize time range. (To set: Settings> Display> Dark Mode> Turn on automatically> Automatically enable from sunset to sunrise / Custom time range)
  • Zen Mode
    • Added 5 new themes (ocean, space, grassland, and so on), and more timing options.
    • Included the Group feature in Zen Mode, now you can invite your friends and enable the Zen Mode together.
  • Gallery
    • Story function supported, automatically forming weekly videos with photos and video in storage.
    • Loading speed optimized, and the image preview is now faster.
  • Others
    • The widget on the desktop might disappear. It can be set as followed: Long press on the desktop – “Widget” – “Settings” – Select the widget.

UPDATE 21-11-2020, 12:02 PM:

OnePlus has started rolling out Android 11 for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro on a larger scale in the Netherlands. See the screenshot below for this. The version number of the update is on OxygenOS and is therefore a higher version than the one that was rolled out in October. The fact that OnePlus is only now rolling out the update probably makes it clear that the bugs that were found earlier have been fixed.

OnePlus 8 Pro Android 11

If you have received the update via the system updater on your device, please let us know!

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Check out our dedicated product page for more news, specifications and prices.

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Original release: October 10, updated November 21

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