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These are the 10 most popular fast food chains in Germany

These are the 10 most popular fast food chains in Germany

Burger, fries or pizza? Most of us have a very specific preference when it comes to fast food. In our weekly ranking, we show you which fast food chains are the most popular in Germany.

When hunger strikes, many people occasionally resort to quick deals from popular fast-food chains. The majority is often there masculine. But which chains convince the most consumers in this country?

The most popular fast food chains in Germany

With the help of an extensive online analysis, the platform Germany test the twelve most popular fast food chains in Germany. The analysts examined more than 461,000 online posts in the period from May 2021 to May 2022, with the best chains receiving up to 100 points in the ranking. We present the top ten in our weekly ranking.

10th place: Subway

The Subway chain comes from the USA and offers various sandwich variants. In addition to fixed creations, visitors can also have their own versions recorded. Desserts can also be found on the Subway menu. With 88.8 points the chain occupies tenth place.

10th place: Subway. ( / Matheus Bardemaker)

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