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These are the 10 best vacuum cleaner robots

You’re not at home, but still want to keep your four walls clean? This is where a vacuum cleaner robot can be the solution. In our ranking, we show you the ten best models currently on the market.

If you vacuum your living space several times a week and mainly have to clean free areas, buying a vacuum cleaner robot can be a good idea. He acts with the help of infrared sensors and ultrasonic sensors and does a lot of housework for us with his technology. However, the market for the best vacuum cleaner robots is now huge, so that the purchase decision is not easy.

The best vacuum cleaner robots in the ranking

With the help of an analysis of customer reviews, the Deutschlandtest platform has identified the ten best vacuum cleaner robots currently available. The experts examined the various models in terms of suction power, mobile control, app, wiping function and value for money, among other things. In the ranking, the models could achieve up to 100 points.

10th place: Elephant

The Lefant brand offers several models. The M210 is one of the most popular and, in addition to a WLAN function, also has compatibility with Alexa. Reach the robots of this brand 66.79 points.

Photo: Amazon/Lefant

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