will the iPhone 14 Pro Max survive this drop test?

It is of course smart to always put your iPhone in a case. But does the iPhone 14 Pro Max also survive this drop test without a case?

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Drop test iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is Apple’s best iPhone right now. But will this device also survive a big fall without a case? We can be brief about that: the iPhone survives the fall, but not without the necessary scratches.

Samsung’s latest flagship is also dropped in the drop test. Which device comes out of this test with the least damage? The YouTube channel of PhoneBuff has tried it out. Click below to watch the whole video!

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung S23 Ultra: drop test

When the iPhone 14 Pro Max lands flat on the back during the first drop test, it is immediately wrong. The back is full of cracks. The camera also has a small crack right away and that is quite annoying. Is this because of the larger camera island or because the cameras stick out further? We don’t know for sure, but it could very well be the cause.

Nevertheless, it is good to know that after this drop test, the iPhone still works properly. Samsung’s device has also suffered considerable damage, but it is less than with the iPhone.

drop test iPhone 14 Pro Max

On the next drop, the iPhone lands on the corner. It is striking that the iPhone passes this test very well. That’s good, because when you drop a smartphone from your hands, there is a good chance that the edge will absorb the first tap.

After this drop test of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, a few minor damages can be seen. The back has some cracks in the corner, but that’s probably because the back was already quite cracked after the previous test.

Finally, the iPhone is also dropped on the screen. Both devices get a few big cracks because of this. In the end, both devices end up in almost the same condition. They are working, but quite damaged. It is annoying that the damage to the iPhone causes a light cast at the camera.

drop test iPhone 14 pro max

Conclusion: take a case

After this drop test of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, we can be brief: make sure you always put a sturdy case on your iPhone. Then try to choose a case with raised edges near the camera, so that part of your iPhone is also well protected.

Are you looking for a sturdy case? Then check out the Mous covers. You can be sure that your iPhone is well protected.

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