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These 10 countries have the lowest inflation rates

From butter in the supermarket to petrol at the gas station: the prices of many products have risen massively. In some nations, however, there is little or no price increase. In our weekly ranking, we therefore show which ten countries currently have the lowest inflation rate.

Inflation causes the value of our money to decrease. In January 2023, the inflation rate in Germany was 8.7 percent. Overall, inflation has now fallen again across Europe, but is still at record levels in many countries. But where in the world is the current lowest inflation rate?

These countries have the lowest inflation rate

While some countries have been particularly hard hit by inflation, others have far less trouble. The lowest inflation rate worldwide can be in turn with the data from Trading Economics determine. We show you the current top ten and thus the countries where the inflation rate is currently the lowest.

10th place: Switzerland

Tenth place among the countries with the lowest inflation rate goes to Switzerland. Year-on-year, it was at December 2022 2.8 percent.

10th place: Switzerland. ( / Alin Andersen)

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