Sponsored – Changing your bed in two minutes: that’s how you do it

Oh, that eternal hassle of changing a bed. Admittedly: you are very happy once everything is in place, but it remains a time-consuming job. Especially if you have to change several beds a week because your child has spat / peed / sweated. Good news: it can be done in two minutes these days.

How? we hear you think. Well, with a washable duvet without a cover. That really exists, yes, and is from the Zelesta brand. You can throw the duvet in its entirety in the washing machine, wash at forty degrees and you’re done. Drying is also fast and can be done in the open air or in the tumble dryer – a short program is sufficient. Saves not only hassle, but also lots of time. You can then spend that money doing fun things with your family.

No fumbling

And yes, it also means that you never have to fumble with that loose duvet cover again (hello, arguing with your partner because he or she accidentally lets go of the tip of the blanket). In fact, your child can also lend a hand when you make the beds – maybe even manage it on his or her own.

Another nice thing about these blankets is that they are anti-allergic and can regulate your temperature. The latter is very useful if you or your child sweat a lot – because of a fever or because it is a warm summer night. So it is not only more hygienic, but it also gives you a better night’s sleep during ‘sticky nights’. In short: your night’s sleep will also be much better thanks to Zelesta.

Two sides

Whether there are also disadvantages? To be honest, yes. Because you use a fixed cover, you cannot alternate colors and prints, as you can with a ‘normal’ duvet cover. It is therefore certainly sustainable, because you save costs, but it is less cozy. Zelesta also thought that was a pity and therefore immediately came up with a solution. Now the duvets are always provided with two colors or prints – just turn it around and the bedroom looks completely different.

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