the most popular speed camera locations and more

the most popular speed camera locations and more

Flitsmeister looks back on the past year. The application is still one of the most popular apps in the Netherlands. Which is not very strange, because it can just save you some money. The flash app now shares statistics for the year 2022.

Flashmaster in 2022

In 2022, Flitsmeister was again used extensively. Certainly compared to the year 2021, we were on the road more often again, but we were certainly often stuck in traffic jams at the end of the year. The flash app not only shares data about how many minutes we have on average during the week, but also about the places in the Netherlands with the greatest chance of traffic jams. The most popular speed camera locations are also mapped and we also see the number of reports made by the Flitsmeister users in 2022.

The data below has been provided by Flitsmeister.

Flitsmeister stats 2022

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