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Holon Mover automatic bus runs without a driver

Is it a moving block or a bus? The electric autonomous bus Holon Mover will soon be driving around the streets of Hamburg.

“Inclusive” Holon Mover and other bullshit bingo

In Germany they have also discovered the word “inclusive”. The makers of this bus thus praise it as an “inclusive mover” and call the Holon Mover a leader in safety, driving comfort and production quality”. According to the makers of Benteler Group, the electric minibus is the answer to traffic problems in large cities.

And admittedly, the makers of the Holon Mover have certainly done their best to make a vehicle accessible to the disabled and disabled. For example, there are electric doors with photoelectric sensors that open automatically. Not only is there a special downward moving entrance for wheelchairs. The wheelchairs inside the vehicle are also automatically secured. The blind and visually impaired have also been thought of, with information in braille within the cabin and audiovisual instructions. All praise for that.

Fleet of autonomous vans replace large, empty buses

Anyone who has ever sat in a roaring, almost empty bus knows what they mean by traffic problems. The bus company has to drive a huge bus, emitting clouds of CO2 and other exhaust gases, for a handful of passengers. And of course also pay the salary of the bus drivers.

You can easily solve this problem with a fleet of autonomous vans, such as the Holon Mover. If these vans make the rounds very often, it is no longer necessary to go to the city by car. You can travel quickly by bus and there is always a bus nearby.

15 passengers, driving range of 290 km

The van can take up to 15 passengers at a time. The Holon Mover can drive at a maximum speed of 60 km/h and has a driving range of approximately 290 km.

You can use this small, autonomous vehicle to set up a very fine-meshed transport network. In big cities, but it could also be very interesting in the countryside. At the moment it is a big problem in small villages to keep public transport going, so that public transport companies often ignore them and the villages die out.

Final conclusion: HOLON Mover an enrichment for public transport

There are plans to export to the US in 2025. New factories will also be built in the Middle East and Asia to produce this model. The van is electric, making it perfect for sustainable energy forms. And since fossil fuels are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, that is of course the future.

In short, a positive development, and probably the salvation for public transport in many places. We’ll forgive the bullshit bingo for that. Although the real baptism of fire is of course the daily use. Will the Holon Mover survive the big city? We will find out in 2023.

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