The arrival of Android Auto 6.0 is approaching, what news can we look forward to?

The popular system designed to connect the phone to the car’s dashboard, Android Auto, finally officially arrived on the Czech market last month. Now it looks like we would still they should see an update to version 6.0 during January, which will bring two new features to the Android Auto functionality.

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What’s new in Android Auto 6.0: change wallpaper and more Google Assistant

The first change that should appear in Android Auto with the update is the option to select a wallpaper. According to the current source code of the application, it looks like Googleallows you to choose from several graphics variantswhich you will be able to set in the background of the system. However, you probably won’t add your own photo yet.

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The second, probably more interesting for most, novelties are abbreviations for Google Assistant. Using this novelty, Android Auto will perform a predefined operation by clicking on the shortcut located on the home screen. The “Assistant Routines” function is also related to automation. Routines allow set up entire sets of tasks – for example, play your favorite playlist and write a message home that you are already on your way.

Updating the application should also resolve several reported bugs. These include, for example, a malfunctioning dark mode, deficiencies in the connection with Spotify or incorrect battery status evaluation on the phone. All of the above should arrive in Android Auto in January. However, no official information has been released yet.

Are you interested in the new version of Android Auto?

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