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that’s how you do it on your phone

Today, December 7, 2020 around 12:00, the government is sending out a new test message for NL Alert. Do you want to be sure that you receive all messages from the alarm system? This is how you set it up on your smartphone.

This way you can set NL-Alert on Android

NL Alert provides valuable information in emergency situations and has been used more than 200 times since its introduction in, for example, fires, storms and defusing an excavated bomb. Do you want to check whether your NL Alert Android settings are correct? This is important, because in an emergency this is the way to stay informed.

NL Alert Android setup

Setting NL Alert on your Android smartphone is relatively simple, but differs per device. That is why the Dutch government has created the NL Alert setting tool, which shows you what to do step by step for each manufacturer and type of telephone. If you have a newer device, you’re in luck: NL Alert is often already set by default.


Samsung telephones (newer than January 2012) are generally set correctly for NL Alert by default. If you want to check it anyway, go to ‘Messages> Option button> Settings> Cell Broadcast’ and enable Cell Broadcast.

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Then you have to select the channel ‘My channel’ and enable a new channel. Enter ‘NL-Alert’ at Channel name, ‘919’ at Channel number and make sure that the checkmark at ‘Enable channel’ is enabled. Save the change and your device is correctly set up to receive NL Alerts.

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