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“Corona brought us a year forward”

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Lieferando can pass on millions of orders per month. But the criticism of the delivery service is growing.

As expected, Lieferando is benefiting greatly from the corona crisis. “Overall, Corona has brought us a year ahead in terms of the number of restaurants,” said Germany boss Katharina Hauke ​​to the Tagesspiegel. Over 20,000 restaurants are currently listed on the platform.

In the third quarter, the number of orders grew by 38 percent, and ten million orders were passed on every month. “On average, we give a restaurant 100,000 euros in sales per year,” said Hauke.

Lieferando normally charges the catering industry 13 percent of the bill when the restaurant delivers the order itself. 30 percent is incurred if the group also takes over the delivery. “Restaurants deliver 90 percent of the orders themselves,” explained Hauke.

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No toilets during working hours?

Recently, there was again criticism of the working conditions at Lieferando because many riders could not find a toilet during working hours. Because even restaurants are not allowed to let Lieferando workers into the store because of the corona restrictions. Hauke ​​rejects the allegations. In Berlin alone, every second restaurant that delivers for Lieferando has agreed to let the drivers use the toilet. “In addition, our logistics sister company offers washrooms in its logistics hubs, and of course there are also public toilets in the cities,” she continues, speaking of “individual cases. It works in practice. “

According to the initiative Delivering at the limit of the food-pleasure-restaurants union, Lieferando continues to operate union busting against NGG and works councils in the company.

The self-delivering restaurants would Do not forward tips paid online to drivers. Lieferando says it delivers the money to its own drivers. According to the company, Lieferando employs around 4,500 drivers in this country, who deliver less than ten percent of all orders.

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