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It seems that Spotify finally gets one of the most sought after features

Spotify’s music streaming service is rightfully at the forefront of the industry. But even with it, there are (or rather they will not find) functions that are quite common with other competitors. One of them is the possibility playing local songswhich the desktop version of Spotify offers, but the application does not. Users of this service in its mobile form are therefore deprived of the opportunity to play songs stored on the phone. But as it turns out, this situation may not last long.

Spotify: Listen to new music and play podcasts

Well-known reverse software analyst Jane Manchun Wong, who is behind the discovery of a lot of upcoming functionalities from the world of applications, found traces of this novelty in the code of the latest version of the Spotify mobile. It should appear in the settings after booting simple switchwhich allows the user to include local files in the song library. Then it will not be a problem to listen to songs from both sources without switching applications. Of course, it will allow you to play local songs even listening when Spotify does not have internet access.

It is not yet known whether this option will be made available to all or only premium users. But this is a situation where after “copying” interesting features from Spotify by YouTube Music, the same thing will probably happen in the opposite guard. The music version of YouTube has this feature, even in a free version.

How many songs do you have stored on your mobile?

Source: XDA

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