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Tesla Model Y in the Netherlands: you need to know this

The Tesla Model Y is coming to the Netherlands. We are preparing you for the arrival of the electric crossover.

It took a while, but in a few months it will be ready. In September, the American car manufacturer expects to deliver the much-discussed Model Y in the Netherlands. If you have an open order, or you are considering one, you naturally want to know everything about it. We will help you on your way before the Tesla Model Y arrives in the Netherlands.

A Model 3 with more space

Frankly, the Model Y is a Model 3 with more space. The crossover shares many components with the electric sedan. Not everything is just taken over. For example, the Model Y is a so-called hatchback, with a glass trunk. Lots of extra space to store your luggage. Moreover, it is a lot easier to take large objects with you.

Two versions

With the launch of the Tesla Model Y in the Netherlands, you can choose from two versions. The Long Range, for € 64,000. And the Performance for € 70,000. The first one in particular will be the most interesting for the Dutch lease driver and buyer. The stated range is 505 kilometers and you have a top speed of 217 km/h. The electric car accelerates to 100 in five seconds. The Performance is a lot faster. 0-100 in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 241 km/h.


A Tesla is known for its gadgets and the Model Y is fortunately no exception. The interior is largely taken over from the Model 3. Autopilot lets the car drive independently and you can play games on the large infotainment screen in the middle. With that screen you operate just about everything that has to do with the car.

5 colors

There is not much choice. The Model Y is available in 5 different colors. White, red, black, blue and gray. We will see the dullest colors most often. Not everyone wants to stand out in a red or blue Tesla.

Autopilot is an expensive option

We already mentioned Autopilot for a while. It is a smart feature that Tesla is known for. However, it is not the case that this is standard on your car. You have to unlock it after a payment, or you can check it in the configurator. The latter costs € 3,800 for the Enhanced Autopilot. Or € 7,500 in the case of Full Self-Driving Capability. You then have all the features of Standard Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot. And even Traffic Light and Stop Sign Recognition.

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