Switch to another iPhone plan in 3 steps

Is your mobile subscription coming to an end and do you want to switch to another provider or subscription? Then these are the things you should keep in mind.

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Switching from iPhone plan

There are several reasons to switch to a different subscription. Perhaps your current subscription is about to expire and you want to switch to another provider, or you may switch from a subscription with a device to a SIM-only subscription.

Fortunately, today it is very easy to make this switch. To keep it clear, we will walk you through this process step by step.

1. Renew, new subscription, prepaid or sim only?

The most important choice you have to make for yourself is what type of subscription you want. In total, there are four options to choose from, all of which have their own pros and cons.

  • Extend: do you have a (sim-only) subscription that you are satisfied with and do you not need a new smartphone? Then you can often easily extend a subscription. You then stay with the same provider and agree on a new subscription duration. This costs the least amount of work, the provider often approaches you when your subscription is almost over. In this case nothing changes.
  • New subscription: Are you ready for a new smartphone after your subscription? Then you can purchase an iPhone with a subscription. You can either stay with the same provider or switch to a competitor that has a better offer.
  • prepaid: do you not need a subscription? Then you can of course also use your smartphone with prepaid. You have to manually increase your credit for this, but you no longer pay a monthly amount.
  • SIM only: No need for a new smartphone or would you rather buy a separate iPhone? Then a SIM-only subscription can be a handy option. As the name suggests, you only get a new SIM card with a subscription, which makes it cheaper every month than a subscription with a smartphone.
iPhone 12

2. Find the subscription that suits you

Have you made a choice from one of the four options above? Now it’s time to look for the subscription that suits you best. You can manually scour the websites of Dutch providers, or use our own price comparison tool. You can use handy filters to tailor the offer to what you are looking for.

3. Contact the provider

As soon as you have made a choice, your provider will start working for you. It’s that easy, because that mainly means that you don’t have to adjust things manually.

Please note: do not cancel your telephone number yourself, then a provider can no longer use it to enable number porting. Always read the terms and conditions of your new subscription carefully and contact the provider’s customer service if necessary to help you make your switch as smooth as possible.

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