Even five years after its release, the Nintendo Switch is still selling very well. In fact, the hybrid console is now poised to take a major step up the rankings of the most successful consoles of all time.

Nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch will soon beat PlayStation 4

Those responsible at Nintendo headquarters can be happy. The Switch remains a console customer five years after its release. It’s now even the most successful console that Nintendo has ever released. With approximately 111 million copies sold the hybrid console beats the Wii, which only sells about 101 million copies. In third place is the Nintendo Entertainment System (source: extra).

The ranking of the most successful video game consoles looks just as good. Here the Nintendo Switch has now taken the bronze medal from the first PlayStation. Sony controlled with the However, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 2 still hold the first two places. However, experts assume that the switch will reach 20 million units sold worldwide this year, knocking the PS4 from second place with 117 million units (source: extra).

The image shows a sales chart showing the Nintendo Switch soon catching up with the PlayStation 4.
There is only one direction for the Switch. Up. (Image source: statista)

Nintendo Switch: setbacks despite success

But success also comes with a downer. In the current quarterly report, Nintendo has to admit that the Switch sales have recently declined. Game sales have also fallen. According to the publisher, however, the global chip shortage is also to blame. Nintendo can therefore not build as many consoles as they would like (Nintendo quarterly report).

The Nintendo Switch, along with the OLED version and Lite variant, will also remain the only current Nintendo console for the time being. So should this fiscal year no new hardware will be released. The hopes for a Nintendo Switch Pro are likely to remain unfulfilled at least until March 2023 (source: Twitter).