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‘The destination must be suitable, otherwise we will not go’

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Have you only arrived cold at your idyllic destination, your partner is already in the water with his fishing rod or he goes swimming for hours.

Sander (43) is married to Rianne (37), father of Lily (2) and a baby on the way:

“I am a fanatic angler, I prefer fly fishing. Then you are in the water swinging your fishing rod back and forth. You don’t fish with ordinary bait, but with an artificial fly made of feathers. A prerequisite for a holiday destination is that there is a fishery that attracts me. Otherwise we won’t go.

On adventure

I fish for a few hours every day and sometimes I’m gone for a whole day. Rianne rarely comes along, she doesn’t care. I can walk around a river all day and catch the most beautiful fish, but after a photo I always release them. It’s about the adventure for me, I can’t get enough of it.”

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find his way

Eva (40) lives with Stefan (43) and is mother of Pieter (10), Inge (8) and Joep (5):

“When we finally arrive at our holiday destination after a ten-hour drive, I want to throw the bags in a room and toast to a nice holiday with a glass of wine. That is not necessary for Stefan. He pulls all his swimming gadgets out of his suitcase and searches Google Maps for the address of the nearest Olympic-size swimming pool.

Every other day he goes there to swim for hours on end. Even if there is a swimming pool in the garden of our rented holiday home. That is not long enough and does not run well, he says. Every now and then I start a discussion about it, more often I just pour a glass of wine.”

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