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Survival – Cool Survival Game with Potential

You like to move in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, you also like to spank other players’ faces and generally like survival games? Then you will not pass this game.

After a long time I felt like doing some action again. Since I also like to play survival games, my choice fell on Last Day on Earth: Survival. What this game has to offer, how to beat yourself as a beginner and what to consider, I show in this article.

Goals and Game play

It is best if we get into the game directly. As a freshman, you find yourself almost naked on a small field again. Only a small house, a chopper kit and a half-finished workbench as well as a defective radio await you here.

The resources on your small parcel can only be mined once. After that, the entire land is available to you as building land. Of course, after a short time the daily horde got cold and destroyed parts of my house. Do not waste time improving your walls here. In order to get the resources, all action points must always be used up and the walls are destroyed anyway.

On my review in the Play Store, the developer has replied that you just have to kill the witch in the zombie forest so the horde will take a few days off. I thought that was funny. Firstly, every beginner lacks the necessary explosives and the witch with its 2000 HPs makes you instantly cold. So save yourself the way there, you have no chance.

First collect resources such as stones, ore and wood in the adjacent forests or in the quarry. You do not have to visit both. If you go to the quarry, there are also trees and shrubs that can be collected.

The adjacent areas

To get into an adjacent area, you just run out of your parcel. Then you get into the overview and can choose your destination. Red areas should be avoided. As a beginner, you already have a lot of problems in the orange areas. Especially since there are no friends here. I have not experienced another player there who did not attack immediately.

There are no real players in the adjacent player houses. Even though they are marked in red, you can be relatively safe there and provide you with resources. However, you need a lot of hatchets. With every wooden ax, only a wall or a box can be destroyed. Some also ask for an iron ax. However, this is also destroyed after one use.

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What should I build first?

As I said, upgraded walls do not make much sense. At least not at the beginning. First, you should pay attention to the radio. This will give you again and again a new code with which the Bunker Alpha can be entered. The workbench may be very nice later, but at the beginning it is rather useless. After building it, I realized that I did not have any of the weapons that could be improved. You could not build weapons with it either. The chopper makes more sense. With this you get to the goal faster and have additional action points. However, some parts can only be found in Bunker Alpha and you will not make it as a beginner. Without long-range weapons and good armor you will be riveted in the first basement after a short time. There are fat zombies that kill instantly.

The Bunker Alpha

If you want to build your chopper and want to have one or the other better weapon, you can not get around this bunker. At the beginning you will visit him again and again and collect vouchers. They can then be used to open larger boxes with better equipment.

Always carry enough weapons in both the bunker and the other areas. These wear off quickly and can not be repaired.

Dying is not the end

No one wants to die and lose his things. But it will happen very often. After reviving, you will not stay in place, but will land naked in front of your house. If you have no more action points, you may not get to your belongings fast enough and they are irretrievably gone. Otherwise, you can walk back and collect your things. If you were killed by a player, this one will usually incorporate your best stuff.

Tips for beginners

It’s not easy as a beginner in this game. However, if you pay attention to a few things, nothing stands in the way of a quick ascent. Where “fast” is really relative here. You can only carry a little and always have to catch up on things. Thus, the action points are always used up quickly.

  • Level up quickly
    Keep going for the simple zombies, even if they do not carry much. With each new level, you can build new things that you desperately need in combat.
  • Collect fabric scraps
    At the beginning I unfortunately always left them. When I was able to make bandages, I was annoyed. With 5 pieces of fabric you can make a bandage that is vital for survival.
  • Never carry 2 weapons
    Your character can pick up a gun and put one more in his pocket. With that she is reachable during the fight. It makes a lot of sense, however, to prove the second slot with bandages, medi-kits or just food. Even berries can heal instantly during battle, giving you an edge.
  • Just take with you what you really need
    If you go hunting, your backpack should be as empty as possible anyway. The space in your inventory is very limited and you need every free slot for resources and loot. Otherwise, in the vast majority of cases, there should only be some food, water, some bandages, and a weapon in your inventory. You must always assume that you are dying and not getting your things. If you do not have a replacement in the house, you start almost at 0 again.

The game is still in beta, even though millions of players are already playing it. Unfortunately, it is still very unbalanced in many places. Since I still enjoy it, I hope, of course, that there is still diligently worked out the balance. But real quirks still need to be eliminated. So it can happen, for example, that one was killed and killed immediately when retrieving, although the loading screen is not yet disappeared. Losing good equipment this way is very annoying.

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