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Measure your phone’s performance in a new benchmark APPmark 2018

Do you measure your phone’s performance with others? Then your attention should not be missed by the new benchmark APPmark 2018 which was released three weeks ago by a nonprofit consortium of the leading manufacturers of Business Applications Performance Corporation

What APPmark 2018 promises

In an official press release, the authors promise “a revolutionary new test-based platform that measures battery performance and battery life with representative, modern applications.” One of the key benefits is the support of Android operating systems (19459005)

Tests, for example, measure performance and impact on battery life when viewing websites, editing and sharing emails, photos and videos, and while playing a video. The results are sent online, so you can compare with others .

APPmark measures battery performance and battery life in a variety of activities.

As the main features and capabilities are named:


  • Measures battery performance and battery life while browsing the web, working with email, editing and sharing photos and videos, and playing video.
  • Supports iOS, Android and Windows )
  • Allows comparison of devices across platforms
  • The new version uses updated SDKs and development tools
  • Supports sending online results to compare with others

How does the benchmark work?

Right from the beginning, it is worth noting that APPmark 2018 is no crumb. The installation package has a relatively massive 488 MB so if you do not have mobile data without a limit, we certainly recommend that you leave the installation for the moment you connect to Wi-Fi

use. You will find yourself at the start screen where the test can be named and you can set the number of reps from one to twenty

APPmark 2018

] The whole test consists of three parts. The first focuses on productivity and tries, for example, to browse web pages with various graphic and computationally demanding elements, or work with e-mail or form filling. The user is informed by the graph in the upper right corner of the screen in which test phase he is in.

focuses on creative activities – primarily working with graphics, such as editing photos, cropping them and applying different effects and settings. The program also simulates video editing in the editor.

and consists in the repeated repeated projection of several short videos, mostly with shots of various landscapes and places. It has to be recognized that the tests are quite demanding – we have seen relatively warm heating on the test phone

On the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with 8 GB of memory, we have achieved the result of 1036 points

Test results


Of course, synthetic tests are by their very nature unable to evaluate the performance of the equipment and the battery life objectively . Everybody uses the phone differently, so the one who likes to play games has different demands, of course, than the user who has the cellphone primarily for work

Nevertheless, we think APPmark 2018 is a pretty good comparison tool .

APPmark 2018 has been in the Play Store since the end of November and has been installed by more than 100 users during the time it has been installed . You can install a 500 MB big package on Android 6.0 or higher



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