iOS 12 continues to progress well. Apple reveals this week that its latest mobile operating system is now installed on 70% of devices. In comparison, it was 60% at the end of October a gain of 10 points in just over a month.

Apple, recently, shares two charters. The first concerns all existing devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). Here, 70% of them have iOS 12. The second charter focuses exclusively on devices sold in the last four years. For once, the installation share of iOS 12 is 72%, against 63% at the end of October. The gain is thus 9%.

For the rest, iOS 11 is installed on 21% of terminals, whether sold since 2014 or all. For iOS 10 and earlier, the install share is 9% for all devices and 7% for iPhone and iPad at age 4.

Is iOS 12 better than iOS 11? Yes, even better. Last year on the same date, iOS 11 was installed on 59% of the iPhone and iPad . With Christmas and New Year approaching, iOS 12 will continue to grow and easily exceed 75% adoption.