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mysms – SMS from your PC and Android

SMS from your PC,

" Application any remote OS native texting for Android tablet, iPad, Windows 7 / XP, Windows 8 desktop and tablet, Mac OS X and Chrome

Download mysms on Android then just create a mysms account to receive and send text messages to and from our computer. MySMS passes our mobile number on Mac or PC, and synchronizes our SMS and contacts between all our devices. " There is no billing difference regardless of the device used
SMS notifiers are deleted from our mobile when playing on another device.The call log is accessible from Android and on the PC or tablet One can make messaging, chat MMS (with Smiley & Emoticons).
Of course the multimedia messages, photo and other files are involved.
GPS enabled allows us to share our contact information, we have support for Google Maps.
We can use Android application regardless of our preferred Web Browser, Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera are compatible.

Using MySMS as an SMS app remotely from our PC and tablet, to receive personalized notifications, manage its blacklist and all functions associated with SMS.

SMS & MMS can be archived on our Evernote account, Dropbox, Google Drive or simply in our emails. they can also be saved by exporting them to a .CSV file.

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