Square Enix -apkrig will also enter the waters of the NFT gaming

The end of last year was largely the onset of a new trend. We were able to watch some publishers and developers try to jump on the NFT wave and use the concept of this technology for their titles. The developers from 22cans and their game Legacy, which has not yet been released, is successfully selling out the game. grounds just in the form of NFT. Ubisoft, which launched its own Quartz network and began selling the NFT through Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, was less successful, but the only thing it really reaped was sharp criticism from players and probably its own employees. And then there were the developers from GSC Game World who wanted to use the NFTs in STALKER 2 to reverse after announcing their plans and get rid of all the NFTs after the unfriendly reaction from the fans. Regardless of success or failure, however, there are other companies that will want to try their luck with the NFT, and we can count on Square Enix, which circled the trend at the end of 2021, to confirm and uncover plans in a New Year’s message to President Josuke Macuda. cards as the integration will take place.

“Blockchain-based games have the potential to enable self-growth of games by promoting the concept of making money by playing,” Macuda wrote. He also said that even if players do not approach the NFT very fervently, the technology can attract new audiences, which would benefit everyone as a result. “Square Enix could introduce its own cryptocurrency to power such games,” Macuda added, and it seems that there is already a concrete plan behind the general phrases that the Japanese publisher and developer of many famous game series will want to put into practice. “I realize that the people who play for fun – and they make up the majority of the whole community – have expressed reservations about new trends, which is quite understandable. However, I believe that there will be a large number of people whose motivation will be to play and earn, “President Square told Enix.

User content is created solely because of individuals’ desire for self-expression, and not because there is an explicit incentive to reward them for their creative endeavors, ”says Square Enix, the top man.

In his other words, however, it is clear that the Japanese company does not necessarily want to convert to the NFT classic cosmetic allowances, such as Ubisoft, but instead give players the opportunity to create their own tokens in individual titles and then trade with them. This model is obviously more interesting, given the strategy that comes with, for example, the Legacy mentioned in the introduction. That is, to build a virtual workshop or an entire factory, create products of your choice and then place them on the market for sale and further trading in the form of NFT for a fee. “Being able to capitalize on your digital creations in games could revitalize the space of user content,” Macuda believes, describing what will change from the established state. “User content is created solely because of individuals’ desire for self-expression, and not because there is an explicit incentive to reward them for their creative endeavors,” says Square Enix, the top man. Although one could argue about what the reward means to such people, or that it would did not exist The opportunity to monetize efforts now, from Square Enix’s point of view, is the most important change and the way the NFT could make sense.

Macuda says that if in the end the vision of a clear financial evaluation, efforts something create a larger percentage of people, which could in turn help individual games. But choice of President Square Enix remains important, so he adds that this is just an extension of the motivation described, not a one-way drive with an NFT label. “By building our games on a viable token economy, we will enable games to grow independently. This kind of ecosystem is at the heart of what I consider decentralized gaming, and I hope that it will become a major trend in our industry in the future, ”Macuda concludes. At the end of his report, he openly claims that the Square Enix initiative will start this year – in the new year 2022 – and will most likely concern already established brands. To a large extent, however, the incorporation of that decentralized The gameplay will be subject not only to the overall development of this trend, but also to the opinions of various user groups, so all that remains is to wish Squre Enix not just stick to words and devote enough balance to the inevitable implementation of the NFT.

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