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“Some American politicians want to destroy us,” Huawei founder said in emotion

As you probably already know, Huawei was apparently forced to sell its Honor subsidiary as part of establishing new business relationships with American companies. On the occasion of this division of the two companies, the founder of Huawei allegedly stood in front of the employees of the latter Ren Zhengfei with emotional expressionin which he commented on the current situation. Among other things, he said that according to him, some American politicians want to not only regulate or slow down Huawei, but completely destroy it.

The address was reported by Reuters and refers to one of the employees. Zhengfei, who founded Huawei, he wished Honor good luck. And according to him, he hopes that the brand will become a competition for its original parent company. For 2021, it is expected that The worldwide sales of Huawei mobiles will continue to decline. Meanwhile, competitors such as Xiaomi or Oppo will grow. We will see how much the impression that various American politicians want to destroy Huawei will persist even after the inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden.

How do you think US relations will be? Huawei continue to develop?

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