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Forza Horizon 5 may arrive next year »Vortex

Despite the number of development teams that belong to the Xbox Game Studios family, Microsoft did not boast of any significant exclusive title at the start of the new console generation. At least we know from the hints that after the postponed Halo Infinite, the continuation of Hellblade could arrive, the new Fable was also revealed, and a nice but very vague trailer confirmed that the developers of Turn 10 are working on another Force Motorsport. But before we get to the eighth part of the popular racing series, the more relaxed Forza Horizon 5, spoken by GamesBeat magazine journalist Jeff Grubb, could come into play. In the Xbox Empire podcast, he indicated that Playground Games is likely to disrupt the current cycle, in which one part of Horizon has filled the wait for the Motorsport sequel, and will delight players next year.

“A few months ago, we had a preview of Forza Motorsport, but I think the first Forza Horizon will be available first, which could be released next year,” Grubb said in a podcast. He refers to strange situation, in which both studios that take care of the whole brand are to be found and the people from Playground Games claim that they will be ready to go to the market with the next part first. However, as is usual in the case of Jeff Grubb, he did not provide any further information, from where he draws exactly, and it is certainly not possible to say that his predictions were always 100% accurate. But to add weight to his words, he openly said that he knew how to plant FH5, but he didn’t want to burn the pond to the people from Playground Games and he would leave the announcement on them. And no, it shouldn’t be feudal Japan…

As for the cycle, it was in fact disrupted naturally by the fact that no new Forza Motorsport came after Forza Horizon 4, released in 2018. So far, the last episode was released in 2017 and reaped above-average ratings, but the continuation of the people from Turn 10 was delayed and it seems that we will have to wait for some time for the upcoming reimagination of the series – presented at least without the number eight. On the other hand, Forze Horizon 4 is doing unusually well, and after its release, it has seen a number of content extensions, including blending with the LEGO kit or a new island with extreme weather whims. The game also boasts the ability to play in 4K and 60 fps on the Xbox Series X, and the unsatisfactory offer of the first games for the new Xboxes has paradoxically helped older titles, including FH4, to get players interested again.

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